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Peter Gerard Associates, Inc. is the sales agent in the marine, Navy or federal markets for the manufacturers listed below.  We welcome your RFQ's!

American Warming, a division of Mestek (NYC:MCC)

American Warming & Ventilating, a division of Mestek, provides a varied line of marine, Navy and commercial heavy duty louvers and dampers for all types of applications. Custom units are also available.

Altequip, Inc. is a woman-owned small business.  Altequip supplies quality marine and land-based food service products.  As an affiliate of Peter Gerard Associates, Inc., Altequip benefits from long-term manufacturer relationships, a staff with logistics expertise, and low overhead to allow favorable prices and lead times. To date, the following products are offered: 


Cospolich, Inc.- Modular and conventional, Mil-Spec, marine, UL/NSF listed refrigerators, freezers, undercounters, salad bars, hot-food counters, hot wells, thaw cabinets, quick-chill freezers, and walk-in reefer doors.


Market Forge- Pressure steam cookers, self contained electric kettles (countertop and tilting), mixers, and table-top tilting skillets.


Legion-skittles and kettles


Low Temp- Quick Switch hot-cold drop-in wells, undercounter refrigerators and freezers, warming and refrigerated cabinets.

INDEECO, Industrial Engineering and Equipment Co., manufactures an extensive line of Navy and commercial marine grade electric heaters and controls. INDEECO supplies Mil-Spec and commercial marine duct heaters, immersion heaters, circulation heaters, and heating elements. INDEECO's heaters are currently onboard the US Navy, MSC, USCG and other commercial vessels around the world.

DRS Marlo Coil designs and manufactures a complete offering of heating and cooling coils, fan coil units, fan coil assemblies, steam duct heaters, unit coolers, gravity coils and self-contained air conditioning units (SCAC), air handling units (AHU) and product cooler units (PCU) for marine, Navy, MSC, USCG and commercial marine applications.